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Our History

We see a world where African products
are common and familiar globally.

How it all started


From a consultancy company in the USA to a product company in Cameroon


Information Management

We started as an information management firm for large enterprises particularly in Oil and Gas sector and this still remans our core expertise - records archiving.

Digital Transformation

We expanded our services to include organizational change management and process improvement, architecture review, integration and operations as part of our digital transformation Adoption strategy and implementation.

African Products

We established offices in Africa starting with human capacity building, using our pioneer methodology with a goal to build teams to develop African products.

African Technologies

We are redesigning our corporate strategies in order to lead and inspire the development of African-developed technologies and market them globally.

Timeline of our company


April 2010

Caasitech Consulting is Born

Caasitech Consulting begins operations as an independent contractor providing digital transformation services from College Station, Texas, USA. 

April 2010

September 2014

First Foreign Contract

Won our first international consulting contract in Luanda, Angola. In the oil and Gas industry.

September 2015

Caasitech Group, LLC

Caasitech Group is officially registered as an LLC in Houston, TX.

September 2015

February 2019

A data driven startup!

Caasitech Group, LLC, is registered in Yaounde, Cameroon. The African era begins.

October 2022

Pioneer Hiring Ceremony

Caasitech Product pioneers a HIRING CEREMONY in Cameroon to integrate new recruits into the startup.

October 2022

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