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    Thank you for visiting our site

    Caasitech Group is a fast-growing, AI driven startup dedicated to fueling a global technological revolution in Africa. Our goal is to use local resources and expertise to build world-changing AI solutions.
  • Expanding our global footprint but present locally
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    Expanding our global footprint but present locally

    We have a current presence in North America and Africa and have been operational in Houston, Texas since 2010 and in Cameroon since 2018.
  • Africa is technology
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    Africa is technology

    Home of the MWF methodology. We want to help Africa become a technological leader globally.

Why Caasitech


We were founded on strong values and have a local presence wherever we serve. This makes our products more relevant and organic to the markets we serve.

Strong Values

Our values guide all we do, including how we conceptualize and design our product and ultimately how we support our people. Our values places us at the heart of our vision and gives us the strength to sustain it


Our products are designed to meet the requirements of the local community but have the potential to affect the entire globe.This is key to our design principles and embossed in our motto to IMPACT locally with a global effect.

R(x) = (EX) + (EX)

Caasitech's Modern Workforce (MWF) Equation was derived using our methodology to illustrate the relationship the relationship experiences(X) of the employers(E) and the employees(E). R(x) = (EX) + EX


Employer Experience (EX)

The employer's experience is focused on how they set up the environment to meet their objectives in a way that benefits them and their people.


The way people work today is different from how people used to work, and organizations need to adapt to remain sustainable.

Employee Experience (EX)

The employee experience is centered around understanding themselves and realizing the value they add to the organization's goals.


This includes an employer's setting up an employee-centric workplace physically, culturally and digitally.
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Our Values

We stand behind our products in ways never done before

People First

We prioritize our people in an effort to transfer that care to our clients for impact.


Continuous learning is core in our development and to building an innovative culture for ourselves and clients.


Our efforts are authentic, transparent, honest, reliable and accountable. No shortcuts, no excuses.

from our CEO's desk

We pioneered the MWF methodology to modernize and sustain an organization's most vital asset: its people. We will design and develop "African Technologies" to promote technological advancement on the continent and beyond the globe. Thanks for being here.


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