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Caasitech Data Institute (CDI)

It's all about Data Driven Consulting
Most companies aim to be closer to their customers. We believe insightful analyzed data is a great way to achieve that. Visit our CDI page to learn how we have taken an organic approach to data manipulation to build capacity and use it to solve local challenges. Data is not homogeneous and Data Analytics or Data Science is still foreign in these parts of the world. We bring the applicable knowledge and experience needed by local enterprises to maximize data and secure both the present and future of their businesses. Data-driven consulting is here to stay and our team has adopted this method to deliver client-specific results regardless of the industry.

Caasitech Staffing Agency

What's the Human Value ?
We have invested in making sure the client satisfaction index of our staffing agency is optimum. Our experience in skills training and overall human capacity building sets us uniquely qualified to handle your staffing. We are also specialized in niche roles ensuring you high-level talent delivery. Our services are embedded with the technologies that fit the current data-driven market and our outsourcing models put the value on the human aspect for both our clients and the personnel we provide. Please visit our CSA page and tell us about your dream candidate, including the skills, attributes, and experience they need to bring to the role, and we’ll take it from there.

Caasitech Customer Service Center (CCSC™)

The new service experience
As the world moves towards digital transformation, human-centered client service and customer experience approach must be adopted by companies to stay relevant and competitive. That is exactly what we offer. In addition, we have localized our delivery within a scalable framework to meet both clients’ present and forecasted needs. Truly different in our implementation, we have our proven "containment model" that sets us apart from any other customer service provider. Click on the CCSC page to get in touch with us today.

Caasitech Design Thinking Agency

Sustainable Creativity
Africa is laden with "wicked problems" whose solutions require a creative approach. Caasitech Design Thinking Agency is one of the first of its kind in the region and we hope to build the ecosystem that will breed more agencies and consultancies. We have re-engineered the core principles of design thinking methodology to fit our continental context and provide sustainable creative solutions to the existing problems here. We can join your solution at any stage using design thinking methods, as well as integrate more tools and digital technologies to enable you to arrive at a long or short term solution. Visit the Caasitech Design Thinking Agency page today to learn more.

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Technology needs are complex these days. New technologies can be hard to adopt or understand. Sign up for a free session or to inquire about our unique offerings.
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