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Caasitech Group
About Us
Welcome to Caasitech Group!
MOTTO: We are about impact. The difference is in our implementation.


Who We Are
Caasitech was founded by a group of experienced IT consultants in 2010. With offices in Douala and Yaounde, Cameroon and operational bases in Houston, TX, USA. We currently have satellite offices and license to conduct business in the following countries; Senegal, Mauritania, and Ivory Coast. Caasitech was founded with a vision to demystify modern technologies, localize and adapt our services in the regions in which we operate. 


What We Do
We help our clients use new trends in data and digital innovations to integrate into their core business processes for transformative outcomes. Our data-driven culture gives us the ability to pioneer solutions in Africa because of the gaps in data availability. We offer quality education through a customized and proprietary blended learning delivery to professionals and businesses. We've pioneered a unique style of skills development in Africa.


How We Do It
With a combined 33 years of experience, our team delivers excellence by developing marketing and innovation strategies, by using data analytics and data-driven strategies to anticipate customer and market demands, to designing, building and operating multi-Chanel experiences for our clients. We drive sales effectiveness, drive down the cost per interaction, and create relevant consumer experiences both on and offline.

Our Company Story



Caasitech is born
Caasitech Group is registered in College Station, Texas, USA.


First International Contract
Caasitech Group signs to deliver its first international contract in Luanda, Angola


Big Project
Caasitech Group is divided into 3 divisions; Consulting, Digital, Academy.


Caasitech Group, SARL
Caasitech Group, SARL is registered in Cameroon


Caasitech Academy
Caasitech Academy launches its first lab in Yaounde, Cameroon.
Our works

A leading African services, data and training group

We stand behind our designs and culture. We love what we do, and we do what we love. We understand the importance of  the right direction.
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