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Let's talk DIGITAL

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Digital Mindset

Going digital is not an event, it’s a continuous process, it is a MINDSET. If your enterprise is not digital yet is just a matter of when. Today, most individuals can be considered digitalized; with smartphones and smart home gadgets. As consumers, we all are experiencing digitalization from the receiving end.


Digital vs Software

Caasitech is a digital company with software development expertise. Within the digital spectrum (to be discussed later), software development is a critical component. We do not isolate this component and even when posed with a problem that needs a digital solution, the closest we can do is build cloud-based applications or tools to realize the client goals. A software is defined in its processes and overall objectives. Digital combines multiple software, hardware, and support services to create a solution. It's boundless!

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Upgrade or Update?

If you are in regular conversation these terms can mean anything defined in your dictionary. In a computer digital world, they are very simple. We UPDATE SOFTWARE and UPGRADE HARDWARE. This leads us into understanding our overall digital universe from the basic components in a computer to the evolution of technology innovations.

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Africa and Cloud Technology

Africa’s adoption of cloud technology is very diverse. Like in other technologies, people often use the homogenous nature of the continent to make the wrong assumption about the maturity levels from one country to another.  

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Modern IT and DX

Modern IT is based on a computer system design labeled LIQUID ARCHITECTURE, its fast, agile and adaptable to any industry, natural or artificial. We will delve into the different types of Modern IT features in subsequent posts.

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